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.tiprc File Format for tip


Provides initial settings of variables for the tip command.


The .tiprc file allows you to initialize variable settings for the tip command. When first invoked the tip command searches the user's home directory (defined by the $HOME environment variable) for a .tiprc file. If the file is present, the tip command sets the tip variables according to instructions in the .tiprc file.

The tip command uses several different types of variables: numeric, string, character, or Boolean. A Boolean variable can be toggled by putting the variable name in the .tiprc file, or it can be reset by putting an ! (exclamation point) in front of the variable name. Other types of variables are set by following the variable name with an = (equal sign) and the new value of the variable.

You can use the -v flag of the tip command to see the variable settings as they are made. Also, you can use the ~s escape signal to change variables while the tip command is running.


Following is a sample .tiprc file:


This file toggles the beautify (be) variable, sets the baudrate (ba) variable to 9600, and resets the echocheck variable to the default setting.

Implementation Specifics

This file is part of the Basic Networking Utilities Program (BNU) in BOS Extensions 1.


                          Specifies the complete path name of the .tiprc file.

Related Information

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