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shm.h File


Describes the structures that are used by the subroutines that perform shared memory operations.


#include <sys/shm.h>


The shm.h header file defines the following symbolic constants, types, and structures:


typedef unsigned short   shmatt_t;

Symbolic Constants:

SHMLBA          segment low boundary address multiple
SHMLBA_EXTSHM   SHMLBA value when environment variable EXTSHM=ON
SHM_RDONLY      attach read-only (else read-write)
SHM_RND         round attach address to SHMLBA
SHM_MAP         map a file instead of share a segment
SHM_FMAP        fast file map
SHM_COPY        deferred update
SHM_R           read permission
SHM_W           write permission
SHM_DEST        destroy segment when # attached = 0
ZERO_MEM        for disclaim
SHMHISEG        highest shared memory segment allowed
SHMLOSEG        lowest shared memory segment allowed
NSHMSEGS        number of shared memory segments allowed

There is a shared mem id data structure for each shared memory and mapped file segment in the system.


The structure shmid_ds contains the following members:

struct ipc_perm    shm_perm       operation permission struct 
size_t             shm_segsz      size of segment in bytes
pid_t              shm_lpid       process ID of last shared memory operation 
pid_t              shm_cpid       pid of creator
shmatt_t           shm_nattch     number of current attaches
time_t             shm_atime      last shmat time
time_t             shm_dtime      time of last shmdt
time_t             shm_ctime      time of last change by shmctl

The structure shminfo contains the following members:

unsigned int        shmmax           max shared memory segment size
int                 shmmin           min shared memory segment size
int                 shmmni           # of shared memory identifiers

The types pid_t, time_t, key_t, and size_t are defined as described in <sys/types.h>. The following are declared as functions:

void  *shmat(int, const void *, int);
int    shmctl(int, int, struct shmid_ds *);
int    shmdt(const void *);
int    shmget(key_t, size_t, int);

In addition, all of the symbols from <sys/ipc.h> will be defined when this header is included.

Implementation Specifics

This file is part of Base Operating System (BOS) Runtime.

Related Information

The types.h file.

The shmat, shmctl, shmdt, and shmget subroutines.

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