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ldap.cfg File Format


The secldapclntd LDAP client side daemon configuration file.


The /etc/security/ldap/ldap.cfg file describes the LDAP Security Information Server configuration information needed for the client side daemon (secldapclntd) to authentication to the server and to establish a connection.

The /etc/security/ldap/ldap.cfg file is created by running mksecldap to setup an LDAP client. The secldapclntd daemon reads this configuration file during its startup. The content of this configuration file can be changed by running mksecldap with -c flag together with the new configuration information.

The /etc/security/ldap/ldap.cfg file may contain the following fields:

ldapservers Specifies a comma separated LDAP Security Information Servers. These servers can either be the primary server and/or replica of the primary server.
ldapadmin Specifies the administrator DN of the LDAP Security Information Server(s).
ldapadmpwd Specifies the password of the administrator DN.
ldapaixdn Specifies the AIX tree DN (suffix) of the AIX security information of the LDAP Security Information Server.
ldapsslkeyf Specifies the SSL key file path.
ldapsslkeypwd Specifies the SSL key password.


The following is an example of a /etc/security/ldap/ldap.cfg file:


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