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Files Reference

.kshrc File


Contains a shell script that customizes the Korn-shell environment.


The $HOME/.kshrc file is a shell script that customizes the Korn-shell environment. This .kshrc script often contains a list of environment variables, command aliases, and function definitions that customize the Korn-shell environment.

Each time you start a new instance of the Korn shell, the ksh command examines the value of the ENV environment variable set in the $HOME/.profile file. If the ENV environment variable contains the name of an existing, readable file, the ksh command runs this file as a shell script. By convention, this file is named $HOME/.kshrc. You can use another name, but you must set the ENV environment variable to point to it.


The following is a sample of a .kshrc script on one specific system. The contents of your .kshrc file can be significantly different.

# @(#).kshrc 1.0

# Base Korn Shell environment

# Approach:

#      shell            initializations go in ~/.kshrc
#      user             initializations go in ~/.profile
#      host / all_user  initializations go in /etc/profile
#      hard / software  initializations go in /etc/environment      

# DEBUG=y       # uncomment to report

[ "$DEBUG" ] && echo "Entering .kshrc"

set -o allexport

# options for all shells --------------------------------

# LIBPATH must be here because ksh is setuid, and LIBPATH is
# cleared when setuid programs are started, due to security hole.


# options for interactive shells follow-------------------------

TTY=$(tty|cut -f3-4 -d/)
HISTFILE=$HOME/.sh_hist$(echo ${TTY} | tr -d '/')
[${PWD}] '

# aliases

[ "$DEBUG" ] && echo "Setting aliases"

alias man="/afs/austin/local/bin/man -e less"
alias pg="pg -n -p':Page %d: '"
alias more="pg -n -p':Page %d: '"
alias cls="tput clear"
alias sane="stty sane"
alias rsz='eval $(resize)'

# mail check

if [ -s "$MAIL" ]       # This is at Shell startup.  In 
then echo"$MAILMSG"     # normal operation, the Shell checks
fi                      # periodically.

# aixterm window title

[[ "$TERM" = "aixterm" ]] && echo 

# functions

[ "$DEBUG" ] && echo "Setting functions"

function pid { ps -e | grep $@ | cut -d" " -f1; }

function df {
  /bin/df $* | grep -v afs;
  echo "\nAFS:";
  /usr/afs/bin/fs listquota /afs;

function term {
  if [ $# -eq 1 ]
    echo $TERM
    export TERM
  echo $TERM

function back {

  cd $OLDPWD
  echo $CWD $OLDPWD

[ "$DEBUG" ] && echo "Exiting .kshrc"

set +o allexport

Implementation Specifics

This file is part of Base Operating System (BOS) Runtime.


/etc/environment Contains system-wide environment variable definitions.
/etc/profile Contains system-wide environment customization.
$HOME/.kshrc Sets the user environment for each start of the Korn shell.
$HOME/.profile Contains user-specific logon initialization.

Related Information

The ksh command.

The Shells Overview and the Files Overview in AIX 5L Version 5.1 System User's Guide: Operating System and Devices.

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