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Files Reference

fullstat.h File


Defines the data structure returned by the fullstat subroutine.


The /usr/include/sys/fullstat.h file defines the data structure returned by the fullstat and ffullstat subroutines. This file also defines the Command parameters used by the fullstat and ffullstat subroutines. The fullstat structure contains the following fields:

Note: Time is measured in seconds since 00:00:00 GMT, January 1, 1970.

st_dev ID of device containing a directory entry for this file. The file serial number and the device ID uniquely identify the file within the system.
st_ino File serial number.
st_mode The mode of the file, as defined in the /usr/include/sys/mode.h file.
st_nlink Number of links to file.
st_uid User ID of the owner of the file.
st_gid Group ID of the file owner group.
st_rdev ID of this device. This field is defined only for character or block special files.
st_size File size in bytes.
st_atime Time of last access.
st_mtime Time of last data modification.
st_ctime Time of last file status change.
st_blksize Optimal block size for the file system.
st_blocks Number of blocks actually allocated to the file.
st_vfstype File-system type as defined in the vmount.h file.
fst_type Type of v-node.
fst_vfs Virtual file system ID.
fst_flag Indicates whether directory or file is a virtual mount point.
fst_i_gen Generation number of the i-node.
fst_reserved[8] Reserved.

Implementation Specifics

The following fields are maintained for source-level compatibility with previous versions of the operating system:


The fullstat.h file is part of Base Operating System (BOS) Runtime.

Related Information

The mode.h file, stat.h file, statfs.h file, types.h file, vmount.h file.

The statx, stat, lstat, fstax, fstat, fullstat, or ffullstat subroutine.

The Header Files Overview defines header files, describes how they are used, and lists several of the header files for which information is provided in this documentation.

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