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cb_link_stats_struct, x25_query_data, or x25_stats Structure for X.25

cb_links_stats_struct Structure

Used by the x25_link_statistics subroutine to pass statistics about an X.25 port.

#define X25FLG_NO_OF_VCS          0x00000008
#define X25FLG_LINK_STATS         0x00000020

struct cb_link_stats_struct
  unsigned long flags;
  unsigned int no_of_vcs;
  struct x25_query_data x25_stats;
} ;


X25_FLG_NO_OF_VCS Indicates that the no_of_vcs field is used.
X25_FLG_LINK_STATS Indicates that the x25_stats structure is being used.


flags Notification to the API that the associated field has been used
no_of_vcs Number of virtual circuits currently in use for the X.25 port specified
x25_stats Pointer to an x25_query_data structure containing CIO and X.25 statistics

x25_query_data Structure

The x25_query_data structure is returned from the CIO_QUERY ioctl operation. It includes two structures: the cio_stats structure containing standard statistics values found in the sys/comio.h file, and the x25_stats structure containing specific X.25 statistics.

struct x25_query_data
  struct cio_stats cc;
  struct x25_stats ds;

x25_stats Structure

The x25_stats structure contains specific X.25 statistics.

Note: Flags are not used with this structure.

typedef unsigned short x25_stat_value_t;
struct x25_stats

Frame Level

  x25_stat_value_t ignored_f_tx;
  x25_stat_value_t rr_f_tx;
  x25_stat_value_t rnr_f_tx;
  x25_stat_value_t rej_f_tx;
  x25_stat_value_t info_f_tx;
  x25_stat_value_t sabm_f_tx;
  x25_stat_value_t sarm_dm_f_tx;
  x25_stat_value_t disc_f_tx;
  x25_stat_value_t ua_f_tx;
  x25_stat_value_t frmr_f_tx;
  x25_stat_value_t bad_nr_f_tx;
  x25_stat_value_t unknown_f_tx;
  x25_stat_value_t xid_f_tx;
  x25_stat_value_t bad_length_f_tx;
  x25_stat_value_t t1_expirations;
  x25_stat_value_t lvl2_connects;
  x25_stat_value_t lvl2_disconnects;
  x25_stat_value_t carrier_loss;
  x25_stat_value_t connect_time;     /* In seconds */
  x25_stat_value_t t4_expirations;
  x25_stat_value_t t4_n2_times;
  x25_stat_value_t ignored_f_rx;
  x25_stat_value_t rr_f_rx;
  x25_stat_value_t rnr_f_rx;
  x25_stat_value_t rej_f_rx;
  x25_stat_value_t info_f_rx;
  x25_stat_value_t sabm_f_rx;
  x25_stat_value_t sarm_dm_f_rx;
  x25_stat_value_t disc_f_rx;
  x25_stat_value_t ua_f_rx;
  x25_stat_value_t frmr_f_rx;
  x25_stat_value_t bad_nr_f_rx;
  x25_stat_value_t unknown_f_rx;
  x25_stat_value_t xid_f_rx;
  x25_stat_value_t bad_length_f_rx;

  x25_stat_value_t data_p_tx;
  x25_stat_value_t rr_p_tx;
  x25_stat_value_t rnr_p_tx;
  x25_stat_value_t interrupt_p_tx;
  x25_stat_value_t interrupt_confirm_p_tx;
  x25_stat_value_t call_request_p_tx;
  x25_stat_value_t call_accept_p_tx;
  x25_stat_value_t clear_request_p_tx;
  x25_stat_value_t clear_confirm_p_tx;
  x25_stat_value_t reset_request_p_tx;
  x25_stat_value_t reset_confirm_p_tx;
  x25_stat_value_t diagnostic_p_tx;
  x25_stat_value_t registration_p_tx;
  x25_stat_value_t registration_confirm_p_tx;
  x25_stat_value_t restart_p_tx;
  x25_stat_value_t restart_confirm_p_tx;
  x25_stat_value_t error_p_tx;
  x25_stat_value_t t20_expirations;
  x25_stat_value_t t21_expirations;
  x25_stat_value_t t22_expirations;
  x25_stat_value_t t23_expirations;
  x25_stat_value_t vc_establishments;
  x25_stat_value_t t24_expirations;
  x25_stat_value_t t25_expirations;
  x25_stat_value_t t26_expirations;
  x25_stat_value_t t28_expirations;
  x25_stat_value_t data_p_rx;
  x25_stat_value_t rr_p_rx;
  x25_stat_value_t rnr_p_rx;
  x25_stat_value_t interrupt_p_rx;
  x25_stat_value_t interrupt_confirm_p_rx;
  x25_stat_value_t incoming_call_p_rx;
  x25_stat_value_t call_connected_p_rx;
  x25_stat_value_t clear_indication_p_rx;
  x25_stat_value_t clear_confirm_p_rx;
  x25_stat_value_t reset_indication_p_rx;
  x25_stat_value_t reset_confirm_p_rx;
  x25_stat_value_t diagnostic_p_rx;
  x25_stat_value_t registration_p_rx;
  x25_stat_value_t registration_confirm_p_rx;
  x25_stat_value_t restart_p_rx;
  x25_stat_value_t restart_confirm_p_rx;
  int transmit_profile [16];
  int receive_profile [16];


ignored_f_tx Number of transmitted frames that have been ignored instead of being transmitted.
rr_f_tx Number of RR (receive ready) frames transmitted.
rnr_f_tx Number of RNR (receive not ready) frames transmitted.
rej_f_tx Number of REJ (reject) frames transmitted.
info_f_tx Number of INFO (information) frames transmitted.
sabm_f_tx Number of SABM (set asynchronous balanced mode) frames transmitted.
sarm_dm_f_tx Number of SARM/DM frames transmitted.
disc_f_tx Number of DISC (disconnect) frames transmitted.
ua_f_tx Number of UA (unnumbered acknowledgment) frames transmitted.
frmr_f_tx Number of FRMR (frame received) frames transmitted.
bad_nr_f_tx Number of frames transmitted with a bad N(R) value.
unknown_f_tx Number of unknown frames transmitted.
xid_f_tx Number of XID frames transmitted.
bad_length_f_tx Number of bad length frames transmitted.
t1_expirations Number of times the T1 timer has timed out.
lvl2_connects Number of times the frame level has been connected.
lvl2_disconnects Number of times the frame level has been disconnected.
carrier_loss Number of times the carrier signal was lost.
connect_time Number of seconds that the link has been connected.
t4_expirations Number of times the T4 timer has timed out.
t4_n2_expirations Number of times the T4 timer has timed out N2 times.
ignored_f_rx Number of received frames that have been ignored instead of being received.
rr_f_rx Number of RR frames received.
rnr_f_rx Number of RNR frames received.
rej_f_rx Number of REJ frames received.
info_f_rx Number of INFO frames received.
sabm_f_rx Number of SABM frames received.
sarm_dm_f_rx Number of SARM/DM frames received.
disc_f_rx Number of DISC frames received.
ua_f_rx Number of UA frames received.
frmr_f_rx Number of FRMR frames received.
bad_nr_f_rx Number of frames received with a bad N(R) value.
unknown_f_rx Number of unknown frames received.
xid_f_rx Number of XID frames received.
bad_length_f_rx Number of bad length frames received.
data_p_tx Number of data packets transmitted.
rr_p_tx Number of RR packets transmitted.
rnr_p_tx Number of RNR packets transmitted.
interrupt_p_tx Number of interrupt packets transmitted.
interrupt_confirm_p_tx Number of interrupt-confirmation packets transmitted.
call-request_p_tx Number of call-request packets transmitted.
call_accept_p_tx Number of call-accept packets transmitted.
clear_request_p_tx Number of clear-request packets transmitted.
clear_confirm_p_tx Number of clear-confirm packets transmitted.
reset_request_p_tx Number of reset-request packets transmitted.
reset_confirm_p_tx Number of reset-confirm packets transmitted.
diagnostic_p_tx Number of diagnostic packets transmitted.
registration_p_tx Number of registration packets transmitted.
registration_confirm_p_tx Number of registration-confirmation packets transmitted.
restart_p_tx Number of restart packets transmitted.
restart_confirm_p_tx Number of restart-confirmation packets transmitted.
error_p_tx Number of error packets transmitted.
t20_expirations Number of times the T20 timer has timed out.
t21_expirations Number of times the T21 timer has timed out.
t22_expirations Number of times the T22 timer has timed out.
t23_expirations Number of times the T23 timer has timed out.
vc_establishments Number of times a virtual circuit has been established.
t24_expirations Number of times the T24 timer has timed out.
t25_expirations Number of times the T25 timer has timed out.
t26_expirations Number of times the T26 timer has timed out.
t28_expirations Number of times the T28 timer has timed out.
data_p_rx Number of data packets received.
rr_p_rx Number of RR packets received.
rnr_p_rx Number of RNR packets received.
interrupt_p_rx Number of interrupt packets received.
interrupt_confirm_p_rx Number of interrupt-confirmation packets received.
call-request_p_rx Number of call-request packets received.
call_accept_p_rx Number of call-accept packets received.
clear_request_p_rx Number of clear-request packets received.
clear_confirm_p_rx Number of clear-confirm packets received.
reset_request_p_rx Number of reset-request packets received.
reset_confirm_p_rx Number of reset-confirm packets received.
diagnostic_p_rx Number of diagnostic packets received.
registration_p_rx Number of registration packets received.
registration_confirm_p_rx Number of registration-confirmation packets received.
restart_p_rx Number of restart packets received.
restart_confirm_p_rx Number of restart-confirmation packets received.
receive_profile[16] A profile of the receive packet sizes in use on this X.25 port. Each element of the array contains a count of the number of packets received, since the X.25 adapter was last configured, whose sizes are in the range specified. See the transmit_profile field for a list of these size values.
transmit_profile[16] A profile of the transmission packet sizes used on this X.25 port. Each element of the array contains a count of the number of packets sent, since the X.25 adapter was last configured, whose sizes are in the range specified:

Packet Size

Packet size not known













13 -16

Related Information

The x25sdefs.h file.

Logical Channels and Virtual Circuits.

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