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Files Reference

Chapter 2. File Formats

Certain files in the operating system are required to have a specific format. The formats of the files that are provided with the operating system are discussed in the documentation for those files. If a file is generated by either the system or a user rather than provided on the distribution medium, it is discussed as a file format in this documentation. File formats often are also associated with header files that contain C-language definitions and structures for the files.

More information about the following file formats is provided in this documentation:

acct Describes the format of the records in the system accounting files.
a.out Describes the structure of the standard a.out file and its associated header files.
ar Describes the format of an archive file.
audit Describes values used by the auditing system as well as the structure of a bin.
bootptab Describes the default configuration database for the Internet Boot Protocol server (bootpd).
CGM Defines a file format for storage and retrieval of device-independent graphics.
charmap Defines character symbols as character encodings.
core Describes the structures created in a core file as a result of a core dump.
cpio Describes the cpio (copy in/out) archive file.
eqnchar Contains special character definitions for the eqn and neqn commands.
lastlog Defines the last login attributes for users.
locale definition Contains one or more categories that describe a locale.
locale method Specifies the methods to be overridden when constructing a locale.
magic Defines file types.
mailrc Sets defaults for the mail command.
mh_alias Defines aliases for the Message Handler (MH).
mib_defs Provides descriptions of Management Information Base (MIB) variables for the snmpinfo command.
nroff and troff input Specifies input file format for the nroff and troff commands.
nterm Describes the format of the terminal driver tables for the nroff command.
profile Describes the format of the profile and .profile files, which set the user environment at login time.
queuedefs Describes the format of the file used by the cron daemon to handle event types.
sccsfile Describes the format of a Source Code Control System (SCCS) file.
setmaps Defines the text of a code-set map file and a terminal map file.
terminfo Contains compiled terminfo source files.
TIFF Enables InfoCrafter to support scanned images that have been imported into Interleaf documents.
trcfmt Stores trace templates.
troff Describes the output language of the troff command.
troff Font Describes the format of the troff command font files.
UIL Contains information on the user interface for a widget-based application.
utmp, wtmp, failedlogin Describes the format of the user and accounting information in the utmp, wtmp, and failedlogin files.
vgrindefs Contains the language definition database for the vgrind command.
WML Generates variable UIL compiler components.

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