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Distributed SMIT 2.2 for AIX: Guide and Reference

Defining Clients

Defining clients for the Distributed System Management Interface Tool (DSMIT) program enables clients to run commands built by the DSMIT server. To define a client, you must add it to the /usr/share/DSMIT/hosts file by editing the file directly or with the DSMIT interface.

Prerequisite Conditions

  1. A DSMIT server must reside on your system.
  2. The DSMIT client installation packages must be installed on your server.

Define a Client Using the Command Line

Add the name of the client to the /usr/share/DSMIT/hosts file in the following format:


The machine name should be a TCP/IP host name. If you add a fully qualified network name to the /usr/share/DSMIT/hosts file, you must use this name as the client name when using the dsmit command.

The operating system name should be listed in the /usr/share/DSMIT/dsmitos file.

Do not put spaces within the machine name or the operating system name. Substitute spaces with underscores. The following are examples of correct entries:


Define a Client Using the DSMIT Interface

  1. Enter the dsmit command at the command line.
  2. Select the Domain Management option from the initial menu.
  3. Select the Configure DSMIT on a Local Machine option from the Domain Management menu.
  4. Select the Add Machines with DSMIT Installed option from the Configure DSMIT on a Local Machine menu.
  5. Add the clients you want the DSMIT server to manage. Insert a tab, space, or multiple spaces between the client names to separate them. You can add clients on one operating system at a time. Press the F4 key to display the available operating system.

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