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Commands Reference, Volume 6

wsmserver Command


Configures the functionality of the Web-based System Manager servers.


/usr/websm/bin/wsmserver -enable

/usr/websm/bin/wsmserver -disable

/usr/websm/bin/wsmserver -start

/usr/websm/bin/wsmserver -enablehttps [port_number]

/usr/websm/bin/wsmserver -disablehttps

/usr/websm/bin/wsmserver -starthttps

/usr/websm/bin/wsmserver -sslalways

/usr/websm/bin/wsmserver -ssloptional


The wsmserver command is used to control the server processes used by the Web-based System Manager. The servers are used to enable applet and client-server modes of execution. In addition, if the security functionality is installed, the SMGate utility can be configured.

Note: The full pathname of this command, /usr/websm/bin/wsmserver, must be specified.


-enable Enables the applet and client-server modes.
-disable Disable the applet and client-server modes
-start Start a session of the Web-based System Manager server.

This is normally only used by inetd.

The following flags can only be used if the security functionality has been installed:

-enablehttps [port_number] Starts the SMGate utility. An optional port_number for the SMGate server can be specified. If specified, the SMGate server listens on that port instead of the default of 9092.
-disablehttps Disables the SMGate utility.
-starthttps Starts the SMGate utility. This is normally started by the init process.
-sslalways Allows only secure connections. This flag is for a system with security configured.
-ssloptional Allows both secure and non-secure connections to the Web-based System Manager.


  1. To enable Web-based System Manager for applet and client-server mode, enter:

    /usr/websm/bin/wsmserver -enable
  2. To enable the SMGate utility, enter:

    /usr/websm/bin/wsmserver -enablehttps

Related Information

For information on installing the Web-based System Manager, see Chapter 2: Installation and System Requirements in AIX 5L Version 5.1 Web-based System Manager Administration Guide.

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