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Commands Reference, Volume 5

stopcondresp Command


Stops monitoring a condition that has one or more linked responses.


stopcondresp [-h] [-q] [-T] [-V] Condition [Response [Response ...]]


The stopcondresp command stops the monitoring of a condition that has a linked response. If no response is specified, all of the linked responses for the condition are stopped. If more than one response is specified, only those linked responses are stopped. When the condition occurs, the response is not run. If no responses are active for a condition, the condition is no longer monitored.


Specifies the name of the condition linked to the response. The condition is always specified first.

Specifies the name of a response, or more than one response. Specifying more than one response stops monitoring the specified responses linked to the specified condition.


Writes the command's usage statement to standard output.

Does not return an error when either Condition or Response does not exist or when the Condition linked with Response is not being monitored.

Writes the command's trace messages to standard error. For your software-service organization's use only.

Writes the command's verbose messages to standard output.

Exit Status

Command has run successfully.

Error occurred with RMC.

Error occurred with CLI script.

Incorrect flag on command line.

Incorrect parameter on command line.

Error occurred that was based on faulty command line input.


This command requires root authority.


  1. To stop monitoring for the condition "JFS space used " which has the response "Broadcast event on-shift" linked with it, type:
    stopcondresp "JFS space used" "Broadcast event on-shift"                               												
  2. To stop monitoring for the condition "JFS space used " using all of its linked responses, type:
    stopcondresp  "JFS space used" 


/usr/sbin/rsct/bin/stopcondresp Location of the stopcondresp command.

Related Information

The lscondresp, mkcondition, mkcondresp, mkresponse, startcondresp commands.

The rmccli General Information file.

The RSCT 2.2 Resource Monitoring and Control Guide and Reference contains information regarding ERRM operations.

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