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Commands Reference, Volume 5

soelim Command


Processes .so requests in nroff command files.


soelim [  File ... | ]


The soelim command reads specified files or standard input and performs inclusion specified by the nroff command and troff command requests of the form .so filename when the request appears at the beginning of input lines. Any combination of ASCII spaces and ASCII tab characters can follow the .so request and precede the file name. No characters should follow the file name.

The soelim command is useful because commands, such as the tbl command, do not normally perform file inclusions during processing.

When the - (minus sign) flag is specified, a file name corresponding to standard input is included.


- Indicates a file name corresponding to standard input.

Note: Inclusion can be suppressed by using a ' (single quotation mark) instead of a (period), as follows:


File Specifies files that the command performs inclusion on. The default is standard input.

'so /usr/share/lib/tmac/tmac.s


Following is a sample usage of the soelim command:

soelim exum?.n | tbl | nroff -ms -Tlp | col -Tlp | pg 

In this example, you use the soelim command to preprocess the file inclusion (.so) requests. The output is then passed to the tbl command. This makes it easier to place tables in separate files that can be included in forming a large document.

Related Information

The colcrt command, nroff command, tbl command, troff command.

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