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Commands Reference, Volume 3

mkuser.sys Command


Customizes a new user account.


mkuser.sys Directory User Group


The mkuser.sys command customizes the new user account specified by the User parameter. The mkuser command calls the mkuser.sys command after it has created and initialized the new account.

The program as shipped creates the home directory specified by the Directory parameter, with the owner specified by the User parameter, the primary group specified by the Group parameter, and a copy of the appropriate profile for the user's shell. The shipped program can be replaced at installation by another program to customize local new-user creation. The installation-specific program should adhere to the error conventions of the supplied program.


Access Control: This command should grant read (r), write (w), and execute (x) access for the root user and members of the security group so the mkuser command can execute the program.

Files Accessed:

Mode File
r /etc/passwd
r /etc/security/user


/usr/lib/security/mkuser.sys Contains the mkuser.sys command.

Related Information

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