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Commands Reference, Volume 3

inurest Command


Performs simple archive and restore operations for the installp command and shell scripts. This command is used by the installp command and the install scripts.


inurest [ -d Device ] [ -q ] ListFile ProductName


The inurest command restores or archives all files listed in the file specified by the ListFile parameter.

If files are to be archived, there must be an archive control file, /usr/lpp/ProductName/lpp.acf, which contains entries in the following form:

ComponentFile LibraryFile.a.

If the archive control file exists, the inurest command compares each of the file names in the ListFile file to the component files listed in /usr/lpp/ProductName/lpp.acf. Whenever the inurest command finds a match, the file name is added to a list of files that are archived. This list is then used to archive the restored files into a copy of the corresponding archive. When the archive is finished, the copy replaces the original file.

The ListFile parameter specifies the full path name of a file containing the relative path names, one per line, of files that a product needs to have restored.

The ProductName parameter specifies the software product to be restored.


-d Device Specifies the input device. The default device is the /dev/rfd0 device.
-q Specifies quiet mode. Suppresses the prompt from restore.

Environment Variables

INUEXPAND This flag is set to 1 by the installp command if file systems are to be expanded if necessary to do the restore (that is, the -X flag was passed). It is set to 0 if file systems are not to be expanded. If this environment variable is not set, the default is not to expand file systems.
INULIBDIR This is the directory where files that are specific to software product installation reside. If INULIBDIR is not set the /usr/lpp/ProductName directory is used.
INUTEMPDIR The directory to use for temporary space that is needed during the execution of this command. If this environment variable is not set, then the directory used is /tmp.

Error Codes

INUBADRC Restoration of an updated version of files was unsuccessful.
INUBADMN Unusable flag was specified.
INUCHDIR Cannot change directory.
INUGOOD No error conditions occurred.
INUNOAP2 Unable to access the apply list.
INUNORP2 Failed replacing a constituent file in the archive file.
INUTOOFW One or more parameters are missing.
INUTOOMN Too many parameters are specified.


Privilege Control: Only the root user can run this command.


To restore all the files listed in the ac file for the snaserv program, enter:

inurest /usr/lpp/snaserv/ac snaserv


$INULIBDIR/lpp.acf Archive control file.

Related Information

The installp command, inucp command, inurecv command, inusave command.

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