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Commands Reference, Volume 1

chauthent Command


Changes the configured authentication methods for the system.


chauthent [ -k5 ] [ -k4 ] [ -std ]


The chauthent command sets the desired configuration based on the flags the user sets. The authentication methods are set in the order in which the flags are given to the command. If none of the flags are set, then the rcmds will be disabled from functioning. If the -std flag is set, it must be the last flag set or the command will fail.

Note: The complete order of authentication methods must be specified each time. The command does not modify the current order when replacing it with the new one.

The user must have root authority to execute the command.

The chauthent command takes the flags set and calls the set_auth_method routine in libauthm.a to cause the change.

The chauthent command writes an error message to stderr and returns a -1 if set_auth_method fails.


-k5 Sets the Kerberos 5 authentication method.
-k4 Sets the Kerberos 4 authentication method.
-std Sets the Standard operating system authentication method.


  1. Set all of the methods in descending order:

    chauthent  -k5   -k4  -std
  2. Set all of the methods with Kerberos 4 attempted first:

    chauthent -k4 -k5 -std
  3. Clear all of the methods:


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The get_auth_method and set_auth_method routines.

Network Overview in AIX 5L Version 5.1 System Management Guide: Communications and Networks.

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