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Performance Management Guide

Installing and Enabling PDT

PDT is installed through the installp command as the bos.perf.diag_tool option of the operating system version 4 BOS licensed program.

PDT must be enabled in order to begin collecting data and writing reports. Enable PDT by executing the /usr/sbin/perf/diag_tool/pdt_config script. Only the root user is permitted to run this script. When executed, the following message is displayed:

# /usr/sbin/perf/diag_tool/pdt_config
________________PDT customization menu__________________
1) show current  PDT report recipient and severity level
2) modify/enable PDT reporting
3) disable       PDT reporting
4) modify/enable PDT collection
5) disable       PDT collection
6) de-install    PDT
7) exit pdt_config
Please enter a number:

When you respond with 4, default PDT collection and reporting is enabled. The crontab entry for user adm is updated to add the PDT entries (see Modifying the Collection, Retention, and Reporting Times for more detail). The entries execute a shell script called Driver_ in the /usr/sbin/perf/diag_tool directory. This script is passed three different parameters, each representing a collection profile, at three different collection times.

To terminate the pdt_config program, respond with 7.

To disable collection, respond with 5.

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