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Performance Management Guide

Reorganizing Logical Volumes

If you find that a volume was sufficiently fragmented to require reorganization, you can use the reorgvg command (or smitty reorgvg) to reorganize a logical volume and make it adhere to the stated policies. This command will reorganize the placement of physical partitions within the volume group according to the logical volume characteristics. If logical volume names are specified with the command, highest priority is given to the first logical volume in the list. To use this command, the volume group must be varied on and have free partitions. The relocatable flag of each logical volume must be set to yes for the reorganization to take place, otherwise the logical volume is ignored.

By knowing the usage pattern of logical volumes, you can make better decisions governing the policies to set for each volume. Guidelines are:

Recommendations for Best Performance

Whenever logical volumes are configured for better performance, the availability might be impacted. Decide whether performance or availability is more critical to your environment.

Use these guidelines when configuring for highest performance with the SMIT command:

Recommendations for Highest Availability

To configure the system for highest availability (with the SMIT command), follow these guidelines:

Having at least three physical volumes allows a quorum to be maintained in the event one physical volume becomes unavailable. Using separate busses, adapters, and power allows the use of copies not attached to the failing device.

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