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System Management Guide: Operating System and Devices

Restarting the System

If the first two procedures fail to correct the problem that makes your system inactive, you need to restart your system.

Note: Before restarting your system, complete a system dump. For more information, see System Dump Facility .

This procedure involves the following:

Checking the Position of the Mode Switch, if Available

If your system has a Mode Switch, the correct position depends on the type of software you want to load.

Position the Mode Switch according to one of the following conditions:

Checking the State of the Boot Device

Your system boots with either a removable medium, an external device, a small computer system interface (SCSI) device, an integrated device electronics (IDE) device, or a local area network (LAN). Decide which method applies to your system, and use the following instructions to check the boot device:

If the boot device is working correctly, go to Loading the Operating System .

Loading the Operating System

Load your operating system by doing the following:

  1. Turn off your system's power.
  2. Wait one minute.
  3. Turn on your system's power.
  4. Wait for the system to boot.

If the operating system failed to load, boot the hard disk from maintenance mode or hardware diagnostics.

If you are still unable to restart the system, use an SRN to report the problem with your inactive system to your service representative.

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