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System Management Guide: Operating System and Devices

Changing or Removing a Paging Space

This procedure describes how to change or remove an existing paging space.

Attention: Removing default paging spaces incorrectly can prevent the system from restarting. This procedure is for experienced system managers only.

Note: You must deactivate the paging space before you can remove it. A special procedure is required for removing the default paging spaces (hd6, hd61, and so on). These paging spaces are activated during boot time by shell scripts that configure the system. To remove one of the default paging spaces, these scripts must be altered and a new boot image must be created.

Changing/Removing Paging Space Tasks
Task Procedure
Changing the characteristics of a paging space smit chps
Removing a paging space
  1. Deactivate the paging space:
    smit swapoff
  2. Remove the paging space:
    smit rmps

Note: If the paging space you are removing is the default dump device, you must change the default dump device to another paging space or logical volume before removing the paging space. To change the default dump device type the following command:

sysdumpdev -P -p /dev/new_dump_device

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