System Management Concepts: Operating System and Devices
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Chapter 1. System Management
Chapter 2. Starting and Stopping the System
Chapter 3. Security
Chapter 4. Administrative Roles
Chapter 5. Disk Quota System
Chapter 6. Logical Volumes
Chapter 7. File Systems
Chapter 8. Paging Space and Virtual Memory
Chapter 9. Backup and Restore
Chapter 10. System Environment
Chapter 11. National Language Support
Chapter 12. Process Management
Chapter 13. Workload Management
WLM Concepts
Overview of WLM Classes
WLM Class Attributes
Process to Class Assignment in WLM
Manual Assignment in WLM
Managing Resources with WLM
Backward Compatibility Considerations
Examples of WLM Classification and Limits
Setting Up WLM
WLM Application Programming Interface
Chapter 14. System Resource Controller and Subsystems
Chapter 15. System Accounting
Chapter 16. Web-based System Manager
Chapter 17. System Management Interface Tool
Chapter 18. The Common Desktop Environment
Chapter 19. Documentation Library Service
Chapter 20. Power Management
Chapter 21. Devices
Chapter 22. Tape Drives
Appendix A. Comparisons for BSD System Managers
Appendix B. Notices