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Changing the paradigm of infrastructure monitoring from monitoring devices to monitoring service delivery. When applicable replacing or augmanting current monitoring strategies to fill gaps.

Current monitoring strategies
- Servers UNIX
Watch Dog – daily monitors for servers and some services
ORCA – long term performance monitors
- Servers Windows
SiteScope – both daily and medium term (memory, CPU, ping, some services)
- Network
OpenView - device monitor

1. We monitor devices not services. Many of our services run on multiple machines ie web front end with a back end database. We currently rely on knowledge of operators to correlate nonfunctioning device with problems in service delivery.
2. We currently have no good way to relate an issue on a network device to a potential service delivery problem.
3. Inconsistent notification and escalation. Which servers need 24x7? Who gets notified when? Etc. Bob Steffen is working on a procedural solution. OpenView can be the technology, which will make the implementation of such policies easier

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