AIX Printer Tips: Adding an Xstation Attached Printer at AIX 4


About This Document
Testing the Print Queue
Troubleshooting Problems

About This Document

This document describes how to add an AIX queue to print to a printer that is attached to an IBM Xstation that is connected to the RS/6000 through the network.

This document applies to AIX Version 4.x.


  1. To add an Xstation printer queue, you must be one of the following:
    • Root
    • A member of the printq group
  2. Have a network Attached Xstation with an available printer port.
  3. Printer is set to proper attachment type (serial or parallel).
  4. When using baud rate, make sure printer matches AIX settings.


  1. Enter the SMIT fast path:

    • smit mkpq

  2. Select the attachment type:

    • xstation         Printer Attached to Xstation
  3. Select the manufacturer of the printer. If the manufacturer of your printer is not listed, select Other to use a generic printer definition.

  4. Select the printer model. If your printer model is not listed:

    • Select a printer with similar emulations and characteristics, or
    • Select a generic printer definition. If you select generic printer, you will get no printer initialization and no qprt flags will work.

  5. Enter the Xstation NAME. See network administrator.

  6. Select one of the following Xstation types:

    • Xstation 120
    • Xstation 130
    • Xstation 140
    • Xstation 150
    • Xstation 160

  7. Select Parallel or Serial port.

    • p Parallel
    • s0 Serial Port 0
    • s1 Serial Port 1 - 150,160

  8. Enter the Name of queue to add.

  9. Review and modify the printer connection characteristics as necessary.

  10. Select Do. - Success will be answered by message that queue xxxx has been added successfully.

Testing the Print Queue

To test the print queue make sure you use a file that is appropriate for the printer you have attached. If you are testing an ASCII text or PCL queue, use one of the two following commands:

Both of these commands will print a single page to the printer.

If you are testing a printer that prints only PostScript or HPGL, print a known good file or use the following commands:

With HPGL this process can be more difficult, so it is best to use a known good file.

Troubleshooting Problems

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