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Procedure to Implement SLIP

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This document describes how to set up an Xstation 130 to boot over a SLIP network and interface. It applies to AIX versions 3.2 and 4.x.

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Procedure to Implement SLIP

To use SLIP:

  1. Connect the serial-link between the RS/6000 and the Xstation 130. Connect one end of the RS232 cable to the selected serial port on the RS/6000 and the other end to the selected serial port (s0, s1, s2, or s3) on the Xstation 130 or to a modem. If a modem is used, connect the selected Xstation serial port to its modem.

  2. Configure the RS/6000 as the host for SLIP.

    1. Enter the host Internet address, host name, Xstation Internet address, and Xstation name in the nameserver or in the host's /etc/host file.

    2. Configure a tty on the host for SLIP. Using smit tty:

      • Select Add a TTY from the TTY menu.
      • When the pop-up window for TTY Type appears, select tty rs232 Asynchronous Terminal.
      • When the pop-up window for Parent Adapter appears, select sa0 for Serial Port 1 and sa1 for Serial Port 2.
      • The Add a TTY menu appears next. Accept the default values for all of the parameters except the following:

        PORT number
        Press the F4 key to select the correct port number on the RS/6000.
        BAUD rate
        Press the F4 key to select the baud rate. The baud rate should match what is and will be selected on the Xstation 130 and the modem if applicable.
        Select none
        BITS per character
        8 bits/character should be selected.
        Number of STOP BITS
        1 stop bit should be selected.

      Press the Enter key to complete the configuration of the host TTY port.

    3. Add a Communications Serial Line Interface to the host. Using smit tcpip:

      Press the Enter key to complete the configuration of the Serial Line Interface.

    To detach the interface, use ifconfig InterfaceName down after terminating the slattach command. The InterfaceName parameter is the name shown by the netstat command (that is, sl0).

  3. Configure the Xstation 130 on the RS/6000.

    1. Unless a network type has been defined, use the smit x_config command to display the Xstation Configuration menu.
      • Select Define a Network Type. Provide the parameter values to define an Ethernet network for the Xstation. This network type must use bootfile4.
      • Press Enter to save the defined Ethernet network.
      • Cancel back to the Xstation Configuration menu.

    2. Add an Xstation using the network type defined above:

  4. Set up the modems, if used, according to their instruction manuals. If desired, the Xstation 130 can be used as an asynchronous terminal to set up and test the modem. Refer to the "Selecting Asychronous Terminal Emulation" section of the Xstation 130 Setup and Operators Guide for information on using asynchronous emulation.

  5. Configure the Xstation 130 for SLIP at the Xstation.

    1. Power on the Xstation 130.

    2. When the LAN Statistics Screen appears, press the F12 key to set the SLIP parameters.

    3. When the Network Setup menu appears, use the up and down cursor to move the highlighted bar. Enter the following information:

      Primary Network
      Select the SLIP network from which to boot the Xstation.
      Enable SLIP
      Select YES.
      Serial Port
      Select the serial port to which the cable is connected. SERIAL 1 is s0.
      Baud Rate
      Select the correct baud rate (match the RS/6000 set in step 2b).
      Terminal Internet Address
      Enter the SLIP Internet address for the Xstation 130 in dotted decimal format. This address must match the DESTINATION address configured on the RS/6000 in step 2c.
      Host Internet Address
      Enter the SLIP Internet address for the RS/6000 in dotted decimal format.
      Subnet Mask
      If applicable, enter the subnet mask in dotted decimal format.
      Dial String
      If applicable, enter the string used to dial the RS/6000 through the modem.
      Disable Bootp
      Select NO.

    4. Press the F12 key to save the Network Setup and return to the LAN Statistics Screen.

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