Rebuilding the Device Configuration Database


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Procedure to Rebuild the Device Configuration Database

About This Document

This document describes how to rebuild the device configuration database. This document applies to AIX Versions 4.x.

Procedure to Rebuild the Device Configuration Database

WARNING: When you rebuild the ODM customized devices database, you will lose any special configuration you have for customized devices. For example:

Perform the following procedures to replace the current device database with a default minimum configuration database. This new database will be in effect on the next system reboot.

  1. Boot from NON_AUTOINSTALL media of the same version as the system and access the rootvg volume group without mounting the file systems.

  2. Run the following to mount the /dev/hd2(/usr) file system.
              mount /dev/hd2 /usr
  3. This step is optional. With the following commands, copy the current system configuration to a backup directory:
              mount /dev/hd4 /mnt 
              mkdir /mnt/etc/objrepos/backup 
              cp /mnt/etc/objrepos/Cu* /mnt/etc/objrepos/backup
              umount /mnt
  4. Determine what disk or disks the boot image is on.
              lslv -l hd5 
  5. Save the RAM file-system-based device configuration database to the boot disk or disks. For example:
              savebase -d /dev/hdisk0
  6. Turn the key to the Normal position, if applicable, and run the following command.
The system should now reboot with a default device database. You will need to redefine the system console upon the initial boot. Afterwards, any customized devices will need to be redefined and any non-rootvg volume groups will need to be re-imported.

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