Recovery from "Volume Group Locked" Error Message


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About This Document

Use this procedure if you get an error message stating that any volume group is locked.
Possible error messages are:

   0516-366 putlvodm: volume group rootvg is locked, try again
   0516-367 putlvodm: Warning: Volume group rootvg is locked. This command
        will continue retries until lock is free.  If lock is inadvertent
        and needs to be removed, execute varyonvg onto active volume
        group to clear the volume group lock
This document applies to all versions of AIX.

Related Documentation

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Note that many LVM commands lock the volume group while they are in operation. Before running any of the commands discussed in this section, use the ps -ef command to ensure that no other LVM commands are running against the volume group in question.

If you are using AIX Versions 3.1 or 3.2 (AIX Versions 4.x are discussed at the end of this document), unlock the volume group by running:

   putlvodm -K `getlvodm -v <vgname>` 
<vgname> is the name of the locked volume group. Note the grave marks (back tics) before getlvodm and after <vgname>.

For machines running AIX Versions 3.1 and 3.2, please see /usr/lpp/bos/README in the Logical Volume Manager section for a discussion of the preceding procedure.

If for some reason you cannot type the grave marks, you can break down the command into its component parts:

  1. Run: getlvodm -v rootvg

    Sample output: 00005264c192a1a3

  2. Run: putlvodm -K 00005264c192a1a3

If you are using AIX Versions 4.x, execute the following command:

    chvg -u [vgname] 

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