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How to Speed Up Man Pages

About This Document

This document provides common questions and answers regarding man pages and InfoExplorer after an AIX Version 3.2.x install or upgrade. This document applies to the InfoExplorer hypertext CD-ROM only.

Questions and Answers


I just updated my system to AIX version 3.2.x and now man pages and InfoExplorer don't work. Why not?


During the update, it is possible that InfoExplorer was upgraded. Check to see if the copy of ispaths is the same size as ispaths.full in directory /usr/share/info/data. If ispaths is smaller, copy ispaths.full to ispaths.

Also, during some system updates the LANG variable may be reset to C. Use the command smit chlang to change the LANG variable to the correct value (for example, En_US for English [United States] IBM-850).


I just installed AIX 3.2.x on my system. Now man pages and InfoExplorer won't work. Why not?


Selecting "all" does not include the InfoExplorer databases; it only includes the LPPs (executables). Use the following checklist to isolate the problem.

To verify that any of the above LPPs are installed on your system, enter the following command, replacing xx with the appropriate letters to match the LPPs listed above.

   lslpp -l 

If the output from this command says APPLIED or COMMITTED, then that particular LPP is installed on your system. If it says AVAILABLE, this means it is not installed, but the system knows that you have it on tape or CD. You will need to install it from your AIX media.

Remember that man pages share the same database as InfoExplorer. If you are not using a CD-ROM, then you must have at least installed on you system in order for man pages to obtain and display command descriptions.

How to Speed Up Man Pages

The man command will search the following directories in this order to find data files:

   /usr/share/man/man   (NROFF format files) 
   /usr/share/man/cat   (ASCII format files) 
   /usr/lpp/info        (InfoExplorer database from either hard drive or CD-ROM) 

ASCII text files can be loaded into the cat directory to supplement or act as a backup for the InfoExplorer database files.

If InfoExplorer is on a CD-ROM or remotely mounted from another machine, man pages will work more quickly if the man files are loaded into the directories mentioned in preceding discussion.

Refer to the description of the man command in InfoExplorer for more information.

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