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Motif and CDE 2.1 Style Guide

Developing a Menu Structure

The menu structure uses a standard set of menu-bar items that leads to predefined pull-down menus. Choices in pull-down menus are categorized by the type of action they represent.

For more information, see the Menu Guidelines reference page.

Window Menu

The window menu provides choices that let the user change the size and location of the window and gain access to functions and settings specific to the window manager or workspace.

For more information, see the Window Menu reference page.

Menu-Bar Items

Table 7 describes the standard menu-bar items.

Table 7. Description of Menu-Bar Items

Menu Description
File Contains choices that let the user identify a file to be used by the application or perform actions with the data it contains or represents. For example, the Open choice allows a user to choose a file to be invoked by the application; the Print choice allows the user to print the data the application contains. Generally, actions included in this menu are those that display, transfer, or store the information associated with the application.
Edit Contains choices typically used when editing, such as Cut and Paste.
View Contains choices that affect the arrangement and presentation of the view in the window such as Sort and Change View.
Options Contains choices that enable the user to customize an application.
Help Contains choices that let a user refer to the online help available for the various parts of the interface. It can also provide access to an online tutorial for a product or operating system.

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