First Edition (October 1997)



Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. The Motif Programming Model

Chapter 3. Structure of a Motif Program

Chapter 4. Structure of a Program Using UIL and MRM

Chapter 5. Basic Controls

Chapter 6. Menus and Options

Chapter 7. Dialogs

Chapter 8. Scrolling, Panes, Frames, Containers, and Notebooks

Chapter 9. Compound Strings

Chapter 10. Text

Chapter 11. Internationalization

Chapter 12. Color and Pixmaps

Chapter 13. Input, Focus, and Keyboard Navigation

Chapter 14. Managing Geometry

Chapter 15. Graphics and Text in a DrawingArea

Chapter 16. Data Transfer with UTM

Chapter 17. Drag and Drop

Chapter 18. MWM and the ICCCM

Chapter 19. Printing

Appendix A. The Motif Clipboard
Copying Data to the Clipboard
Retrieving Data from the Clipboard
Utility Routines

Appendix B. Data Transfer in the Motif Toolkit

Appendix C. Glossary