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OpenGL 1.1 for AIX: Reference Manual

GLwDrawingAreaSwapBuffers Function


Provides a front end to the glXSwapBuffers subroutine.


OpenGL C bindings library: libXGLW.a

C Syntax

#include <X11/GLW/GLwDraw.h>
void GLwDrawingAreaSwapBuffers(Widget)
Widget Widget;


The GLwDrawingAreaSwapBuffers function provides a front end to the glXSwapBuffers subroutine by means of a widget (rather than a display or a window).


Widget Specifies the widget created with the GLwCreateMDrawingArea function.


/usr/include/GL/GLwDrawA.h Contains the GLwDrawingArea widget definitions derived from the Xt.
/usr/include/GL/GLwDrawAP.h Contains GLwDrawingArea widget private definitions.
/usr/include/GL/GLwMDrawA.h Contains the GLwMDrawingArea widget definitions derived from Motif.
/usr/include/GL/GLwMDrawAP.h Contains GLwMDrawingArea widget private definitions.

Related Information

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