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OpenGL 1.1 for AIX: Reference Manual

gluQuadricCallback Subroutine


Defines a callback for a quadrics object.


OpenGL C bindings library: libGL.a

C Syntax

void gluQuadricCallback(GLUquadricObj *qobj, 
   GLenum Which, 
   void *Function)()


The gluQuadricCallback subroutine defines a new callback for use by a quadrics object. If the specified callback is already defined, the existing definition for that callback is replaced. If the Function parameter is set to null, any existing callback is erased.

GLU_ERROR is the only legal callback for this subroutine. The function is called when an error is encountered. Its only argument is of type GLenum, which indicates the specific error. Character strings describing these errors can be retrieved with the gluErrorString call.


qobj Specifies the quadrics object created with the gluNewQuadric subroutine.
Which Specifies the callback being defined. The only valid value for this parameter is GLU_ERROR.
Function Specifies the function being called.


/usr/include/GL/gl.h Contains C language constraints, variable type definitions, and ANSI function prototypes for OpenGL.

Related Information

The gluErrorString subroutine, gluNewQuadric subroutine.

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