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OpenGL 1.1 for AIX: Reference Manual

glInitNames Subroutine


Initializes the name stack.


OpenGL C bindings library: libGL.a

C Syntax

void glInitNames( void )


The name stack is used during selection mode to allow sets of rendering commands to be uniquely identified. It consists of an ordered set of unsigned integers. The glInitNames subroutine causes the name stack to be initialized to its default empty state.

The name stack is always empty while the render mode is not GL_SELECT. Calls to the glInitNames subroutine while the render mode is not GL_SELECT are ignored.


GL_INVALID_OPERATION The glInitNames subroutine is called between a call to glBegin and the corresponding call to glEnd.

Associated Gets

Associated gets for the glInitNames subroutine are as follows. (See the glGet subroutine for more information.)

glGet with argument GL_NAME_STACK_DEPTH

glGet with argument GL_MAX_NAME_STACK_DEPTH.


/usr/include/GL/gl.h Contains C language constants, variable type definitions, and ANSI function prototypes for OpenGL.

Related Information

The glBegin or glEnd subroutine, glLoadName subroutine, glPushName subroutine, glRenderMode subroutine, glSelectBuffer subroutine.

OpenGL Overview.

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