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AIX Version 4.3 Kernel and Subsystems Technical Reference, Volume 2

pioputstatus Subroutine


Puts job-status information for the specified print job into the specified status file.




#include <IN/stfile.h>

int pioputstatus(StatusFileDescriptor, VersionMagicNumber, StatusInformation)
int StatusFileDescriptor, VersionMagicNumber;
const void *StatusInformation;


The pioputstatus subroutine stores status information for a current print job.

The pioputstatus subroutine accepts a status structure containing print job information. This information includes queue name, queue device name, job number, and job status. The pioputstatus subroutine then stores the specified information in the specified status file.

The format of the status structure is determined by the version magic number specified by the VersionMagicNumber parameter. Each time there is a change in the status file structure for a new release, a unique number is assigned to the release's version magic number. This supports structure formats of previous releases.


StatusFileDescriptor Specifies the file descriptor of the status file. The StatusFileDescriptor parameter must specify a value of 3, because the AIX print spooler always opens a status file with a file descriptor value of 3.
VersionMagicNumber Specifies the version magic number that identifies the format of the status structure in which information is specified.
StatusInformation Specifies a generic pointer to a status structure that contains print job status information that is to be stored in the status file.

Return Values

1 Indicates that the pioputstatus subroutine was successful.
-1 Indicates that an error occurred.

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