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AIX Version 4.3 Kernel and Subsystems Technical Reference, Volume 2

phys_displays Structure

Each display driver allocates and initializes a phys_displays structure during configuration. The phys_displays structure is defined in the /src/bos/kernel/display.h file. The display driver stores a pointer to the phys_displays structure in the display driver's devsw structure, which is then added to the device switch table. A pointer to the display driver's vtmstruct structure is initialized in the phys_displays structure when the display driver's vttact routine is called. The phys_displays structure is defined as follows:

struct phys_displays {
        struct {
                struct intr      intr;
                long             intr_args[4];
        } interrupt_data;
        struct phys_displays     *same_level;
        struct phys_displays     *next;
        dev_t                    devno;
        struct common_data       *hftss;
        long                     dds_length;
        char                     *odmdds;
        struct display_info      display_info;
        uchar                    hf_devid[4];
        uchar                    usage;
        uchar                    open_cnt;
        uchar                    display_mode;
        uchar                    dma_characteristics;
        struct _gscDev           *pGsc;
        struct lft               *lftanchor;

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