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AIX Version 4.3 Kernel and Subsystems Technical Reference, Volume 2

lft_t Structure

The lft_t structure is defined in the lft.h file. The lft_t structure is defined as lft_t with the typedef storage class specifier. The global variable of type lft_t is declared within the Low Function Terminal (LFT) subsystem. A pointer to the lft_t structure is stored in the devsw structure in the LFT device-switch table entry. The lft_t structure is defined as follows:

typedef struct lft {
       lft_dds_t                 *dds_ptr;
       uint                      initialized;
       uint                      open_count;
       unit                      default_cursor;
       struct font_data          *fonts;
       lft_swkbd_t               *swkbd;
       lft_fkp_t                 lft_fkp;
       strlft_ptr_t              strlft;
} lft_t, *lft_ptr_t;

The lft_t structure members are defined as follows:

dds_ptr Specifies a pointer to the device-dependent structure (DDS). This pointer is initialized by the lft_init routine after the DDS has been allocated.
initialized Specifies a Boolean flag indicating whether LFT is fully initialized.
open_count Specifies a count of the current number of opens to LFT. When the open_count member is decremented to 0, LFT is unconfigured.
default_cursor Serves as a place holder for a default cursor pointer.
fonts Specifies a pointer to all of the font information.
swkbd Specifies a pointer to the software keyboard information.
lft_fkp Contains font kernel process (fkproc attribute) information.
strlft Specifies streams-specific information.

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