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AIX Version 4.3 Kernel and Subsystems Technical Reference, Volume 2

KSCFGCLICK (Enable/Disable Keyboard Clicker)


Configures the keyboard clicker.


#include <sys/inputdd.h>
int ioctl (FileDescriptor, KSCFGCLICK, Arg)
int FileDescriptor;
uint *Arg;


The KSCFGCLICK ioctl subroutine call enables and disables the keyboard clicker and sets the clicker's volume. When the keyboard clicker is enabled, the native keyboard speaker generates a sound when a key is pressed.

The KSCFGCLICK ioctl subroutine call is supported even when the workstation does not provide a keyboard clicker.

When keyboard diagnostics are enabled, the KSCFGCLICK ioctl subroutine call fails and set the errno global variable to a value of EBUSY.


FileDescriptor Specifies the open file descriptor for the keyboard.
Arg Specifies an address of an integer that contains one of the following values:
#define KSCLICKOFF 0 /*Turns off clicker.*/
#define KSCLICKLOW 1 /*Sets clicker to low volume.*/
#define KSCLICKMED 2 /*Sets clicker to medium volume.*/
#define KSCLICKHI 3 /*Sets clicker to high volume.*/

Implementation Specifics

This ioctl subroutine call is part of Base Operating System (BOS) Runtime.

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