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AIX Version 4.3 Kernel and Subsystems Technical Reference, Volume 2

entioctl Ethernet Device Handler Entry Point


Provides various functions for controlling the Ethernet device.


#include <sys/device.h>
#include <sys/devinfo.h>
#include <sys/ioctl.h>
#include <sys/comio.h>
#include <sys/entuser.h>
int entioctl (devno, cmd, arg, devflag, chan, ext)
dev_t devno;
int cmd, arg;
ulong devflag;
int chan, ext;


devno Specifies major and minor device numbers.
cmd Specifies which operation to perform. The possible entioctl operation codes can be found in the /usr/include/sys/ioctl.h and /usr/include/sys/comio.h files.
arg Specifies the address of the entioctl parameter block.
devflag Specifies a parameter ignored by the Ethernet device handler.
chan Specifies the channel number assigned by the entmpx routine.
ext Specifies a parameter not used by the Ethernet device handler.


The entioctl Ethernet device-handler entry point provides various functions for controlling the Ethernet device. Common entioctl operations are supplemented by entioctl operations available for diagnostic purposes.

These are the common valid entioctl operations:

CCC_GET_VPD Returns vital product data (VPD) about the adapter.
CIO_GET_FASTWRT Provides the parameters required to issue a fast write.
CIO_GET_STAT Returns the current adapter and device handler status.
CIO_HALT Halts a session and removes the registered network ID.
CIO_QUERY Returns the current random access storage (RAS) counter values.
CIO_START Starts a session and registers a network ID.
ENT_SET_MULTI Sets or resets a multicast address.
IOCINFO Returns I/O character information.

The following entioctl operations are for diagnostic purposes:

CCC_TRCTBL Returns the address of the internal device driver trace table.
CIO_MEM_ACC Reads or writes data from or to selected adapter RAM addresses.
CIO_POS_ACC Reads or writes a byte from or to a selected adapter POS register
CIO_REG_ACC Reads or writes a byte from or to a selected adapter I/O register.

The following are DMA facilities operations:

ENT_LOCK_DMA Sets up (locks) a user buffer to DMA from or to the adapter.
ENT_UNLOCK_DMA Clears (unlocks) a user buffer from DMA control.

Execution Environment

An entioctl entry point can be called from the process environment only.

Implementation Specifics

The entioctl entry point functions with an Ethernet High-Performance LAN adapter that has been correctly configured for use on a qualified network. Consult the adapter specifications for more information on configuring the network adapter and network qualifications.

Related Information

The entmpx entry point.

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