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AIX Version 4.3 Kernel and Subsystems Technical Reference, Volume 1

ns_add_status Network Service


Adds a status filter for the routing of asynchronous status.


#include <sys/cdli.h>
#include <sys/ndd.h>
int ns_add_status (nddp, statfilter, len, ns_statuser)
       struct ndd *nddp;
       caddr_t statfilter;
       int len;
       struct ns_statuser *ns_statuser;


nddp Specifies a pointer to the ndd structure to which this add request applies.
statfilter Specifies a pointer to the status filter.
len Specifies the length, in bytes, of the value of the statfilter parameter.
ns_statuser Specifies a pointer to an ns_statuser structure that defines this user.


The ns_add_status network service registers a status filter. The add request is passed on to the nd_add_status function of the demuxer for the specified network device driver (NDD). This network service enables the user to receive asynchronous status information from the specified device.

Note: The user's status processing function is specified by the isr field of the ns_statuser structure. The network demuxer calls the user's status processing function directly when asynchronous status information becomes available. Consequently; the status processing function cannot be a scheduled routine. The caller of the ns_add_status network service is responsible for relinquishing status filters before calling the ns_free network service.


The following example illustrates the ns_add_status network service:

struct ns_statuser   user;
struct ns_com_status   filter;
filter.filtertype = NS_STATUS_MASK;
filter.mask = NDD_HARD_FAIL;
filter.sid = 0;
user.isr = status_fn;
user.isr_data = whatever_makes_sense;
error = ns_add_status(nddp, &filter, sizeof(filter), &user);

Return Values

0 Indicates the operation was successful.

The network demuxer may supply other return values.

Related Information

The ns_del_status network service.

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