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AIX Version 4.3 Communications Technical Reference, Volume 2

text2oid or text2obj Subroutine


Converts a text string into some other value.


SNMP Library (libsnmp.a)


#include <isode/snmp/objects.h>
OID text2oid (text)
char *text;
OT text2obj (text)
char *text;


The text2oid subroutine takes a character string and returns an object identifier. The string can be a name, a name.numbers, or dot notation. The returned object identifier is in memory-allocation storage and should be freed when the operation is completed with the oid_free subroutine.

The text2obj subroutine takes a character string and returns an object. The string needs to be the name of a specific object. The subroutine returns a pointer to the object.


text Contains a text string used to specify the object identifier or object to be returned.

Return Values

On a successful execution, these subroutines return completed data structures. If a failure occurs, the text2oid subroutine returns a NULLOID value and the text2obj returns a NULLOT value.

Implementation Specifics

These subroutines are part of the SNMP Application Programming Interface in the TCP/IP facility.

Related Information

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