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AIX Version 4.3 Communications Technical Reference, Volume 2

strlog Utility


Generates STREAMS error-logging and event-tracing messages.


strlog(mid, sid, level, flags, fmt, arg1, . . . )
short mid, sid;
char level;
ushort flags;
char *fmt;
unsigned arg1;


The strlog utility generates log messages within the kernel. Required definitions are contained in the sys/strlog.h file.


mid Specifies the STREAMS module ID number for the module or driver submitting the log message.
sid Specifies an internal sub-ID number usually used to identify a particular minor device of a driver.
level Specifies a tracing level that allows for selective screening of low-priority messages from the tracer.
flags Specifies the destination of the message. This can be any combination of:
SL_ERROR The message is for the error logger.
SL_TRACE The message is for the tracer.
SL_CONSOLE Log the message to the console.
SL_FATAL Advisory notification of a fatal error.
SL_WARN Advisory notification of a nonfatal error.
SL_NOTE Advisory message.
SL_NOTIFY Request that a copy of the message be mailed to the system administrator.
fmt Specifies a print style-format string, except that %s, %f, %e, %E, %g, and %G conversion specifications are not handled.
arg1 Specifies numeric or character arguments. Up to NLOGARGS (currently 4) numeric or character arguments can be provided. (The NLOGARGS variable specifies the maximum number of arguments allowed. It is defined in the sys/strlog.h file.)

Implementation Specifics

This utility is part of STREAMS Kernel Extensions.

Related Information

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