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AIX Version 4.3 Communications Technical Reference, Volume 1

g32_get_cursor Function


Sets the row and column components of the g32_api structure to the current cursor position in a presentation space.


HCON Library
C (libg3270.a)
Pascal (libg3270p.a)
FORTRAN (libg3270f.a)

C Syntax

#include <g32_api.h>
g32_get_cursor (as)
struct g32_api as

Pascal Syntax

function g32curs (var as : g32_api) : integer; external;




The g32_get_cursor function obtains the row and column address of the cursor and places these values in the as structure. An application can only use the g32_get_cursor function in API/3270 mode.

HCON application programs using the Pascal language interface must include and link both the C and Pascal libraries. Applications programs using the FORTRAN language for the HCON API must include and link both the C and FORTRAN libraries.

C Parameters

as Specifies a pointer to the g32_api structure. This structure contains the row (row) and column (column) address of the cursor. Status information is also set in this structure.

Pascal Parameters

as Specifies the g32_api structure.

FORTRAN Parameters

AS Specifies the g32_api equivalent structure as an array of integers.

Return Values

0 Indicates successful completion.
  • The corresponding row element of the as structure is the row position of the cursor.
  • The corresponding column element of the as structure is the column position of the cursor.
-1 Indicates an error has occurred.
  • The errcode field in the g32_api structure is set to the error code identifying the error.
  • The xerrinfo field can be set to give more information about the error.


Note: The following example is missing the required g32_open and g32_alloc functions which are necessary for every HCON Workstation API program.

The following example fragment illustrates, in C language, the use of the g32_get_cursor function in an api_3270 mode program:

#include <g32_api.h>      /* API include file */
#include  <g32_keys.h>
struct g32_api *as;      /* g32 structure */
char *buffer;         /* pointer to char string */
int return;         /* return code */
char *malloc();         /* C memory allocation function*/
return = g32_notify(as,1);   /* Turn notification on */
buffer = malloc(10);
return = g32_get_cursor(as);   /* get location of cursor */
printf ("The cursor position is row: %d col: %d/n", 
   as -> row, as -> column);
/* Get data from host starting at the current row and column */
as -> length = 10;      /* length of a pattern on host */
return = g32_get_data(as,buffer); /* get data from host */
printf("The data returned is <%s>\n",buffer);
/* Try to search for a particular pattern on host */
as ->row =1;      /* row to start search */
as ->column =1;      /* column to start search */
return = g32_search(as,"PATTERN");
/*Send a clear key to the host */
return = g32_send_keys(as,CLEAR);
/* Turn notification off */
return = g32_notify(as,0);

Implementation Specifics

The g32_get_cursor function is part of the Host Connection Program (HCON).

The g32_get_cursor function requires one or more adapters used to connect to a host.


/usr/include/g32_api.h Contains data structures and associated symbol definitions.
/usr/include/g32const.inc Defines Pascal API constants.
/usr/include/g32hfile.inc Defines Pascal API external definitions.
/usr/include/g32types.inc Defines Pascal API data types.

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