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AIX Version 4.3 Communications Technical Reference, Volume 1

DL_TOKEN_ACK Primitive


Specifies the connection-response token assigned to a stream.


The primitive consists of one M_PCPROTO message block, which contains the following structure:

typedef struct 
   ulong dl_primitive;
   ulong dl_token;
} dl_token_req_t;


The DL_TOKEN_ACK primitive is sent in response to the DL_TOKEN_REQ primitive. The DL_TOKEN_ACK primitive specifies the connection-response token assigned to the stream.

Note: This primitive applies to connection mode.


dl_primitive Specifies the DL_TOKEN_ACK primitive.
dl_token Specifies the connection-response token associated with a stream. This value must be a nonzero value. After an initial DL_TOKEN_REQ primitive is issued on a stream, the data link service (DLS) provider generates the same token value for each subsequent DL_TOKEN_REQ primitive issued on the stream.

The DLS provider generates a token value for each stream upon receipt of the first DL_TOKEN_REQ primitive issued on that stream. The same token value is returned in response to all subsequent DL_TOKEN_REQ primitives issued on a stream.


Valid The primitive is valid in any state in response to a DL_TOKEN_REQ primitive.
New The resulting state is unchanged.

Implementation Specifics

This primitive is part of Base Operating System (BOS) Runtime.

Related Information

The DL_TOKEN_REQ primitive.

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