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AIX Version 4.3 Communications Technical Reference, Volume 1

DLC_QUERY_SAP ioctl Operation for DLC

The following parameter block queries statistics of a particular service access point (SAP):

#define DLC_MAX_DIAG   16   /* the max string of chars in the */
         /* diag name   */
struct dlc_qsap_arg
   ulong_t gdlc_sap_corr;   /* GDLC SAP correlator */
   ulong_t user_sap_corr;   /* user SAP correlator (returned) */
   ulong_t sap_state;      /* state of the SAP,returned by kernel*
   uchar_t dev[DLC_MAX_DIAG]; /* the returned device handler's */
         /* device name */
   ulong_t devdd_len;      /* device driver dependent data */
         /* byte length */

The fields of this ioctl operation are:

gdlc_sap_corr Contains the generic data link control (GDLC) SAP correlator to be queried.
user_sap_corr Contains the user SAP correlator returned for routing purposes.
sap_state Contains the current SAP state:
DLC_OPENING Indicates the SAP or link station is in the process of opening.
DLC_OPENED Indicates the SAP or link station has been opened.
DLC_CLOSING Indicates the SAP or link station is the process of closing.
dev Contains the /dev directory name of the communications I/O device handler being used by this SAP.
devdd_len Contains the byte length of the expected device driver statistics that will be appended to the dlc_qsap_arg structure.

The device driver- dependent data contains the device statistics of the attached network device handler. This is generally the query device statistics (reliability/availability/serviceability log area) returned from an ioctl operation issued to the device handler by the Data Link Control (DLC). See the individual GDLC device manager specifications, discussed in the Generic Data Link Control (GDLC) Environment Overview, for information on the particular fields returned.

The optional data area must directly follow or append to the end of the dlc_qsap_arg structure.

Implementation Specifics

The DLC_QUERY_SAP ioctl operation is selectable through the fp_ioctl kernel service or the ioctl subroutine. It can be called from the process environment only.

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