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AIX Version 4.3 Communications Technical Reference, Volume 1

DLC_HALT_LS ioctl Operation for DLC

The following parameter block halts a link station (LS):

struct dlc_corr_arg
   ulong_t gdlc_sap_corr;   /* GDLC SAP correlator */
   ulong_t gdlc_ls_corr;   /* GDLC link station correlator */

The fields of this ioctl operation are:

gdlc_sap_corr Contains the GDLC SAP correlator: The GDLC SAP identifier of the target LS.
gdlc_ls_corr Contains the GDLC LS correlator: The GDLC LS identifier to be halted.

Implementation Specifics

The DLC_HALT_LS ioctl operation is selectable through the fp_ioctl kernel service or the ioctl subroutine. It can be called from the process environment only.

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