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AIX Version 4.3 Communications Technical Reference, Volume 1

DL_BIND_ACK Primitive


Reports the successful bind of a data link service access point (DLSAP) to a stream.


The message consists of one M_PCPROTO message block, which contains the following structure:

typedef struct
   ulong dl_primitive;
   ulong dl_sap;
   ulong dl_addr_length;
   ulong dl_addr_offset;
   ulong dl_max_conind;
   ulong dl_xidtest_flg;
} dl_bind_ack_t;

This structure is defined in /usr/include/sys/dlpi.h.


The DL_BIND_ACK primitive reports the successful bind of a DLSAP to a stream and returns the bound DLSAP address to the data link service (DLS) user. This primitive is generated in response to a DL_BIND_REQ primitive.


dl_primitive Specifies the DL_BIND_ACK primitive.
dl_sap Specifies the DLSAP address information associated with the bound DLSAP. It corresponds to the dl_sap parameter of the associated DL_BIND_REQ primitive, which contains part or all of the DLSAP address. For the portion of the DLSAP address conveyed in the DL_BIND_REQ primitive, this parameter contains the corresponding portion of the address for the DLSAP that was actually bound.
dl_addr_length Specifies the length of the complete DLSAP address that was bound to the Data Link Provider Interface (DLPI) stream. The bound DLSAP is chosen according to the guidelines presented under the description of the DL_BIND_REQ primitive.
dl_addr_offset Specifies where the DLSAP address begins. The value of this parameter is the offset from the beginning of the M_PCPROTO block.
dl_max_conind Specifies whether a DL_CODLS stream will allow incoming connection idications (DL_CONNECT_IND). If the value is zero, the stream cannot accept any DL_CONNECT_IND messages; the stream will only accept DL_CONNECT_REQ. If the value is greater than zero, then this stream is a listening stream, and indicates how many DL_CONNECT_IND's can be pending at one time.
dl_xidtest_flg Specifies the XID and test responses supported by the provider. Valid values are:
0 The DLS user will be handling all XID and TEST traffic.
DL_AUTO_XID Automatically handles XID responses.
DL_AUTO_TEST Automatically handles test responses.
DL_AUTO_XID|DL_AUTO_TEST Automatically handles both XID and TEST responses.


Valid The primitive is valid in the DL_BIND_PENDING state.
New The resulting state is DL_IDLE.

Implementation Specifics

This primitive is part of Base Operating System (BOS) Runtime.

Related Information

The DL_BIND_REQ primitive.

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