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AIX Version 4.3 Base Operating System and Extensions Technical Reference, Volume 1

loadbind Subroutine


Provides specific run-time resolution of a module's deferred symbols.


int loadbind(Flag, ExportPointer, ImportPointer)
int Flag;
void *ExportPointer, *ImportPointer;


The loadbind subroutine controls the run-time resolution of a previously loaded object module's unresolved imported symbols.

The loadbind subroutine is used when two modules are loaded. Module A, an object module loaded at run time with the load subroutine, has designated that some of its imported symbols be resolved at a later time. Module B contains exported symbols to resolve module A's unresolved imports.

To keep module A's imported symbols from being resolved until the loadbind service is called, you can specify the load subroutine flag, L_NOAUTODEFER, when loading module A.


Flag Currently not used.
ExportPointer Specifies the function pointer returned by the load subroutine when module B was loaded.
ImportPointer Specifies the function pointer returned by the load subroutine when module A was loaded.
Note: The ImportPointer or ExportPointer parameter may also be set to any exported static data area symbol or function pointer contained in the associated module. This would typically be the function pointer returned from the load of the specified module.

Return Values

A 0 is returned if the loadbind subroutine is successful.

Error Codes

A -1 is returned if an error is detected, with the errno global variable set to an associated error code:

EINVAL Indicates that either the ImportPointer or ExportPointer parameter is not valid (the pointer to the ExportPointer or ImportPointer parameter does not correspond to a loaded program module or library).
ENOMEM Indicates that the program requires more memory than allowed by the system-imposed maximum.

After an error is returned by the loadbind subroutine, you may also use the loadquery subroutine to obtain additional information about the loadbind error.

Implementation Specifics

This subroutine is part of Base Operating System (BOS) Runtime.

Related Information

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