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The graPHIGS Programming Interface: Technical Reference

About This Book

The graPHIGS (*) Application Programming Interface will be referred to in this guide as the graPHIGS API or the API.

This reference provides technical information about the functions and limitations of the graPHIGS API and its supported workstations. It also contains reference information, both general and specific, about particular aspects of writing applications, namely on Character Set Facilities and on Defaults and Nicknames.

The purpose of this manual is to provide applications programmers with a comprehensive volume of the technical information they need to accurately code or modify applications using the graPHIGS APIscreen


This book is intended for:


The book has five major parts and four appendices.

Part 1 is about workstations; Chapter 1 pertains to all workstations that the API supports, and Chapter 2 contains descriptions of the functions, limitations of the workstations, and the workstation description tables.

Part 2 is about the graPHIGS API nucleus, the graPHIGS API gateway daemon, and enabling user exits. It includes general information, connection information, and description tables.

Part 3 is about Defaults and Nicknames and explains specifically how to modify aspects of the programming environment.

Part 4 is about using the Character Set Facilities available with the API. This part has one chapter of introductory material about using character sets and fonts, followed by two chapters about using the character sets provided and defining your own character sets.

Part 5 contains the format and content of the API structure element record types available under the GPQED and GPQE subroutines.

Appendix A contains the states, tables, and lists used by the API.

Appendix B is about Event Data Formats. It describes the events supported by graPHIGS API and the format of the data sent to the application on an exit routine.

Appendix C describes how to plot GDF files on IBM Color Plotters, CalComp(**) Plotters, and Versatec(**) Plotters.

Appendix D describes how to print graPHIGS files.

Appendix E lists the keyword abbreviations used to formulate the graPHIGS API function names.

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The graPHIGS API Library

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