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The graPHIGS Programming Interface: Quick Reference

About This Book

This booklet provides a quick reference for the graPHIGS API. It is intended as a supplement to graPHIGS Programming Interface Technical Reference, in which the subroutines are described in detail.

General Information

The following abbreviations are used frequently throughout this manual:

ADIB Application Defaults Interface Block
ARCL Archive Closed
AROP Archive Open
ASAP As Soon As Possible
ASF Attribute Source Flag
ASTI At Some Time
BNIG Before Next Interaction Globally
BNIL Before Next Interaction Locally
CMY Cyan-Magenta-Yellow color model
CSID Character Set Identifier
EDF External Defaults File
HSV Hue-Saturation-Value color model
NDT Nucleus Descriptor Table
NROP Non-Retained Structure Open
NSL Nucleus State List
PDT graPHIGS API Description Table
PHCL graPHIGS Closed
PSL graPHIGS API State List
RGB Red-Green-Blue color model
SSCL Structure Store Closed
SSL Structure Store State List
SSOP Structure Store Open
STCL Structure Closed
STOP Structure Open
UQUM Quick Update Method
USL Utility State List
WAIT When Application Requests It
WDO Workstation Dependent Output
WDT Workstation Description Table
WSCL Workstation Closed
WSID Workstation Identifier
WSL Workstation State List
WSOP Workstation Open
WSSL Workstation Selected
WSTYPE Workstation Type

The following abbreviations for coordinate spaces are used:

DC Device Coordinates
MC Modeling Coordinates
NPC Normalized Projection Coordinates
VC Viewing Coordinates
WC World Coordinates
WU Workstation Units

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