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AIX Version 4 Files Reference

/var/spool/uucp/.Admin Directory for BNU


Contains administrative files used by BNU.


The /var/spool/uucp/.Admin directory contains administrative files used by the Basic Networking Utilities (BNU) program to facilitate remote communications among systems. The .Admin directory contains the following files:

File Description
audit Contains debug messages from the uucico daemon.
Foreign Logs contact attempts from unknown remote systems.
errors Records uucico daemon errors.
xferstats Records the status of file transfers.

Implementation Specifics

This directory is part of the Basic Networking Utilities Program (BNU) in BOS Extensions 1.

Related Information

The uudemon.cleanu command.

The cron daemon, uucico daemon.

Understanding the BNU File and Directory Structure, Maintaining BNU in AIX Version 4.3 System Management Guide: Communications and Networks.

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