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AIX Version 4 Files Reference

smitacl.user File


Contains the user access control list (ACL) definitions for the System Manamgement Interface Tool (SMIT). This system file only applies to AIX Versions 4.2.1 and later.


The /etc/security/smitacl.user file contains the ACL definitions for SMIT. This is an ASCII file that contains a stanza for each system user. Each stanza is identified by a user name followed by a : (colon) and contains attributes in the form Attribute=Value. Each attribute pair ends with a newline character as does each stanza.

The file supports a default stanza. If an attribute is not defined, either the default stanza or the default value for the attribute is used.

A stanza contains the following attributes:

screens Describes the list of SMIT screens for the user. (It is of the type SEC_LIST.) Examples include:
screens = *                    # Permit all screen access.
screens = !*                   # Deny all screen access.
screens =                      # No specific screens.
screens = user,group,!tcpip    # Allow user & group
                               # screens, but not
                               # tcpip screen
funcmode Describes if the role database and/or SMIT ACL database should be used to determine accessibility. It also describes how to combine the screens data from the two databases. (It is of the type SEC_CHAR.) Examples include:
funcmode = roles+acl   # Use both roles and SMIT ACL # databases.
funcmode = roles       # Use only the roles database.
funcmode = acl         # Use only the SMIT ACL # database.

The defined values for funcmode are:

roles Only the screen values from the roles database are used.
acl Only the screen values from the SMIT ACL database are used.
roles+acl The screen values from both the roles and the SMIT ACL databases are used.

For a typical stanza, see the "Examples" section.


Access Control: This file grants read and write access to the root user, and read access to members of the security group.


A typical stanza looks like the following example for the username user:

        screens = *
        funcmode = roles+acl 

Implementation Specifics

This file is part of the Base Operating System (BOS) Runtime.


/etc/security/roles Contains the list of valid roles.
/etc/security/user.roles Contains the list of roles for each user.
/etc/security/smitacl.group Contains the group ACL definitions.
/etc/security/smitacl.user Contains the user ACL definitions.

Related Information

The getusraclattr subroutine, nextusracl subroutine, putusraclattr subroutine.

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