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AIX Version 4.3 Commands Reference, Volume 4

quota Command


Displays disk usage and quotas.


quota [ -uUser ] ] [ -g Group ] ] [ -v | -q ]


The quota command displays disk usage and quotas. By default, or with the -u flag, only user quotas are displayed. The quota command reports the quotas of all file systems listed in the /etc/filesystems file. If the quota command exits with a non-zero status, one or more file systems are over quota.

A root user may use the -u flag with the optional User parameter to view the limits of other users. Users without root user authority can view the limits of groups of which they are members by using the -g flag with the optional Group parameter.

Note: If a particular user has no files in a file system on which that user has a quota, this command displays quota: none for that user. The user's actual quota is displayed when the user has files in the filesystem.


-g Displays the quotas of the user's group.
-u Displays user quotas. This flag is the default option.
-v Displays quotas on file systems with no allocated storage.
-q Prints a terse message, containing only information about file systems with usage over quota.
Note: The -q flag takes precedence over the -v flag.


Access Control: This command is owned by the root user and the bin group.

Privilege Control: This program is setuid in order to allow non-privileged users to view personal quotas.


  1. To display your quotas as user keith , enter:
    The system displays the following information:
    User quotas for user keith (uid 502):
    Filesystem  blocks  quota  limit  grace  Files  quota limit grace
            /u      20     55     60            20     60    65
  2. To display quotas as the root user for user davec , enter:
    quota -u davec
    The system displays the following information:
    User quotas for user davec (uid 2702):
    Filesystem  blocks  quota  limit  grace  files  quota limit grace
            /u      48     50     60             7     60    60


quota.user Specifies user quotas.
quota.group Specifies group quotas.
/etc/filesystems Contains file system names and locations.

Related Information

How to Set Up the Disk Quota System in AIX Version 4.3 System Management Guide: Operating System and Devices.

The repquota command summarizes quotas for a file system. The quotacheck command checks file system quota consistency. The quotaon and quotaoff commands enable and disable disk quotas, respectively. The edquota command edits user and group quotas.

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