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AIX Version 4.3 Commands Reference, Volume 4

ntx_ttype Command


Adds to, displays, or clears the terminal type database for the Network Terminal Accelerator (NTX).


ntx_ttype-c ] [ -d Device ] [ [ -f File ] | [ TermType ... ] ]


The ntx_ttype command adds to, displays, and clears the terminal type database. By default, this command displays the terminal type database for the adapter identified by the /dev/rhp0 file. You can also use this command to add one or more entries to the terminal type database.

The terminal type database is only used by the telnet protocol service to find terminal types that are known to the host. The adapter requests terminal types from the remote database until a match is found or the remote runs out of terminal types it can emulate. If a match is found, the adapter uses the name in the database. For example, if ANSI is received, it matches ansi in the database.

To add a single entry, specify the TermType parameter. To add several entries, specify the -f File flag. Each entry in the database is limited to 40 characters and must contain only ASCII characters. The command ignores duplicate entries. The entries are case-insensitive so that, for example, the entry ansi is not added if ANSI is already in the database. You can change this database at any time.


-c Clears database entries. By default, the command adds entries.
-d Device Sets the adapter raw device file name. The /dev/rhp0 file is the default.
-f File Identifies a file with a list of terminal types. Each entry is listed on a separate line. The # (pound sign) is used to start a comment. Everything to the right of the # (pound sign) is ignored.


TermType ... Specifies the terminal types.

Exit Status

This command returns the following exit values:

0 Successful completion.
>0 An error occurred.


Access Control: You must have root authority to run this command.

Auditing Events: N/A


/usr/bin/ntx_ttype Contains the ntx_ttype command.
/dev/rhp0 Default NTX raw device file name.

Related Information

Files: /dev/rhp.

"Configuring the Network Terminal Accelerator" in AIX Versions 3.2 and 4 Asynchronous Communications Guide

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